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cpd cyber security intermediate
cybersecurity Intermediate Course
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Update your cybersecurity knowledge and threat prevention practices.

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Enhance your career prospects with cybersecurity and protect your organisation.

Level 1 Modules

  • Understand advanced Cyber Security concepts
  • Identify the importance of Cyber Security in modern organisations.
  • Explain the impact of Cyber Security on society and the economy
  • Define Network Security and its importance
  • Identify common network threats and their impacts
  • Explain different types of network security controls and countermeasures
  • Develop network security best practices
  • Explain the importance of Cryptography in Cyber Security
  • Understand Cryptography principles and techniques
  • Evaluate different Cryptography algorithms
  • Apply Cryptography in real-world scenarios
  • Define Malware and its impact on organisations
  • Identify different types of Malware
  • Analyse Malware detection techniques
  • Apply Malware prevention techniques

Level 2 Modules

  • Explain the importance of Incident Response in Cyber Security
  • Develop an Incident Response Plan
  • Understand different Incident Response phases
  • Apply Incident Response best practices
  • Understand the importance of Risk Assessment in Cyber Security
  • Identify Risk Assessment methodology
  • Evaluate different Risk Assessment tools and techniques
  • Develop Risk Assessment report and recommendations
  • Define Cyber Security Governance and Compliance
  • Understand Cyber Security policies and procedures
  • Analyse Cyber Security regulations and compliance frameworks
  • Apply Cyber Security audit and assessment best practices.

Why CPD Cyber Security Intermediate?

Gain practical insights and real-world applications in cybersecurity from seasoned professionals with extensive expertise.

Access our cybersecurity course materials at your convenience, giving you the flexibility to learn essential strategies and techniques on your preferred timetable.

Immerse yourself in our interactive learning environment, designed to enhance your cybersecurity skills through hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios. Engage with dynamic content and collaborative activities to deepen your understanding and stay ahead in the field.

Engage with fellow professionals in the cybersecurity industry, cultivating valuable connections and broadening your network.

CyberSecurity Intermediate

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Cyber Security


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cpd cyber security intermediate

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